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Due to solid R&D and years of experience our engineers work on the best solutions. Advising our customers to go for the most price essential cost is our mantra, because we believe in a win-win situation. Our regular customers have build a relation of trust and appreciation with our sales staff. 

If there are no standard parts avaliable, we can design and make it for you in our workshop. Engineers are trained in smart business solutions. Which means that we are not overcharging customers, but rather communicate regarding real costs and benefits.

Parts Kits

We serve our European customers with package deals. This is often referred as 'kits' and contains all necessary parts for a complete installation, guided by an installation manual. Customers benefit from these kits because delivery for your package of valves, manifolds, pre-fab pipes, couplings and hydraulic hoses can be ordered at an one stop supplier. Appendage parts are top quality and hoses are produced in accordance with the European standards. Every kit contains an installation guideline and a complete parts list for self installation by a qualified technician. Appendage parts like hoses and couplings are often at the required destination within short lead time across Europe.


The industry is more in demand of manifolds nowadays than ever before. The benefits are:

1. Implementation of a specific hydraulic circuit in one integrated manifold.

2. This improves the performance of your machine.

3. Reduction of costs.

4. Compact dimensions.

5. Less downtime and failure compared with modular systems.

6. Minimise the use of external lines, steel tubes and flexibles.

Our work method is up to date and based on 3D Cad modelling and 5 Axle Machining Centre for production.

Two decades working with modern technology and satisfied OEM accounts is a good track record for reference that your end product is in reliable hands.

Enquiries are handled based on customers input, in functionality, desired dimension, flow, working pressure etc.

OEM Products

Parts we supply for OEM customers

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Machining Centres

CNC Machine Centres

Our Machine Centres are the very heart of our Production lines.

Our production capacity is up to date to the latest technology in manufacturing Hydraulic Manifolds. 

Approximately 95% of the Material we handle is Steel. Our stockyard, contains a reasonable stock of solid steel profiles.