Q&S Hydrauliek BV

ISO 8643

Operating a machine like a hydraulic excavator in the European Union is subject to the Machine Directive and CE mark. Furthermore, machines capable of lifting or handling objects must comply with the ISO 8643 and will require the installation of safety valves.

In engineering jargon the title for these valves is often referred to as hose rupture protection valve (HRV), Pipe burst protection, anti drop valves, load holding- or load control valves Q&S is one of the leading supplier Europe.

Q&S Safety valves are especially designed with cartridge in manifold concept. This means low maintenance and low stock of parts for your company. The valves also give dual thermal and overload relief protection and avoids cavitation during movements.

It is recommended to place the valve directly on actuators to guarantee the pipe's safety or runaway of oil in case of hose burst.