Q&S Hydrauliek BV

SAE Flanges

SAE-standard Flanges and special SAE Flange

Flanges according to SAE- standard are mostly used in hydraulic systems, where dynamic operation and pressure peaks can lessen the function of the components.

The SAE-standard was especially designed for block systems in hydraulics, because the positions of the holes in past  standards were not suitable for installation purposes.

We supply standard SAE flanges from Italy or Germany, because our piping division in Europe is one of the leading suppliers in pre-fab hydraulic pipe designs, we are able to help our customers with swift delivery of SAE Flanges.

Special flanges are those not mentioned in the catalogue, and those with UNC- screws and threads. Delivery would be less swift and depends on the planning of production units. In case you would like to place any order in that category, please note that non-weld able flanges need to undergo anti corrosion body treatment.